December 22, 2020 4 min read

How long does a Smartwatch Battery Last?

Whenever you want to buy or have a smartwatch, you will definitely consider how long will a smartwatch last? Or you can say the Battery life is the crucial point in the selection of a smartwatch for your regular use. Other than standard watches, Smartwatches are the compact form of smartphones that can display notifications and upload fitness/activity stats and GPS monitoring. These features consume most of the battery cells. The only way to save battery life is by limiting the use of these features, primarily the power-hungry heart rate monitoring tool.

The average smartwatch lasts typically for about 1 to 2 days; even the top-ranking smartwatch brands are struggling to improve battery life. How long battery lasts is dependent on your usage of smartwatch or how frequently you allow notifications to synced on your phone or pushed like weather, mail, and social media updates. So if you want to improve your smartwatch battery life, then you have to keep your smartwatch on battery-saving settings. However, even then It can leech more battery power from your smartwatch.

However, with this said, smartwatch users should carry a portable charger, as its always better to have an emergency back up.

How to Improve Battery Life of your Smartwatch

Some watches having interactive abilities or animations, and built-in features and brighter colors consume more battery as compared to others. Does your smartwatch run out of power in the middle of the day? So how do you improve your Smartwatch battery life? So that it lasts until the end of the day or at least until you get home. To retain or extend the duration of smartwatch battery, I have 11 tips or ways to improve your smartwatch battery life, which you can follow as well, and are listed below:

1. Turn down the Brightness

Try cutting the brightness level into half, or you could even turn the brightness down to the lowest possible level. More the brightness of your screen, the more battery power it consumes. So bring down the intensity to save the battery life. This can easily extend your smartwatch battery life by a couple of hours.

2. Turn Off Notifications

Notifications also play a role in consuming batteries. So turn off unnecessary notifications to save battery power. Completely turning off notifications on your smartwatch will readily give you a few extra hours of battery life. You can search online to block notifications of your specific smartwatch.

3. Block Notification from some Apps

Too many notifications will take a toll on your smartwatch battery life, as the screen needs to wake up a lot. Turn off the display and notifications by enabling the Theater mode-on temporarily. With Wear OS, you can block some notifications which are not that important.

4. Disable the Tilt to Wake Feature

There may be times when your smartwatch wakes up even when you were not trying to look at the screen. This will drain the battery power quickly. Consider turning it off and save some battery life.

5. Limit your Smartwatch Connectivity

Turn off features like Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC whenever you don’t need them. This way, you can save a significant amount of battery power. It can be done by adjusting the amount of time your smartwatch can use these features.

6. Uninstall unnecessary Apps

Try to avoid Apps that consume battery faster. For example, if you install an app and observe that your smartwatch battery is draining more quickly than usual, then you should uninstall that app. You must uninstall that app from your smartphone first to which smartwatch is paired.

7. Please turn off the Always-on Display

Turn off the Always-on screen feature. When you are not using the smartwatch, I don’t think you need to display the screen feature except to show off. That will ultimately lower your battery life. The Always-on display is extra work for smartwatch, and it will drain power pretty fast. So if you can live without it, it may be a good idea to turn it off and save battery life. You should set the display to show time or completely turn-off screen to save battery power. Whenever needed, you can touch the screen to turn on the screen.

8. Turn off Google Assistant voice Detection

Google Assistant keeps listening for that “Ok Google” command. Unsurprisingly, this requires power. Turn this feature off and get a few more hours of battery life.

9. Turn on Airplane Mode

Connectivity will be cut off if the Airplane mode is turned on, but the battery life will most probably last a couple of days longer.

10. Hibernate Your Smartwatch

A hibernated smartwatch won’t be able to do much, but only a tiny amount of power is drained in this mode.

11. Always keep an eye on your Smartwatch Battery Status

Monitoring your smartwatch battery levels helps you find out which apps drain the most power, as well as which battery-saving efforts are working best.

Follow these tips, and I am pretty much sure that you will be able to maximize the battery life of your Smartwatch.