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Houzland | Smart Watch Pro 6


Achieve your goals with this exclusive watch !

Finally, take good habits, keep yourself healthy and in good shape.

Elegant sports watch that combines fashion and technology. Good water resistance. Stay in shape all day long with continuous heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep monitoring and unique training features

The Intelligent Connected Sports Watch is everything you need to achieve your goals. It allows you to stay active while tracking your daily progress

It helps you improve your health and fitness. Learn how to take care of your body to feel better. This unique watch uses heart rate to provide information on calories burned and measures the intensity of your physical activity. 

Its benefits

Helps you stay motivated
Allows you to better understand your state of health
Helps you achieve your health and fitness goals
Track your activities and exercises
Monitor your heart rate
Improves the quality of your sleep
Increases your energy level
Improves your mental health and mood
Promotes weight loss
Keeps you in shape
Promotes a healthier lifestyle

Personalized advice for better sleep

The functionality of this watch provides you with complete information about your nights. It tracks the duration and quality of your sleep, and indicates the time spent in each phase.

When you sleep, your body goes through sleep cycles composed of three phases: light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Intelligent and Sporty Connected Watch - WatchNext™ indicates the duration of each phase, and counts the cycles.

Automatic heart rate monitoring

Continuous heart rate monitoring helps you see how your heart is behaving during the day, and while you sleep. Heart rate measurements combined with physical activity information can help you know the times of day when you are most active. 

Burn more calories during the day

Know how many calories you're burning and use the data to reach your fitness goals. The Intelligent and Sporty Connected Watch - WatchNext™ tells you the number of calories burned during your workouts, as well as the total number of daily calories based on your personal information and effort.

Heart Rate Zones

Calculate your heart rate and find the right zone to burn fat efficiently. Use this information to determine the impact of your workouts.

A watch that motivates you to move

Know how long you have been active during the day. Get the boost you need to get moving if you've been sitting in front of your computer for too long.

Personalized watch

Get regular physical activity. The Intelligent and Sporty Connected Watch - WatchNext™ offers you a personalized daily activity goal to motivate you to move. It shows how active you've been and gives you practical advice on how to reach your goals 100%.

Multi-sport mode

Choose from running, cycling, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, yoga, circuit training and much more. Set a goal and get real-time statistics.

Fast notifications and responses

View the calendar, receive calls, messages and application alerts for smartphones. Plus, send quick responses via SMS (Android only). With smart notifications on your digital screen, you'll never miss a text or notification.

A smarter, sharper, more colorful touch screen

The large rear display automatically adapts to lighting conditions so you can easily see the statistics at any time of day. 

Compatible with Android and Apple iOS

Compatible system: Android 4.4 or higher / iOS 9.0 or higher

5 days of battery life

Long lasting battery. Varies according to use and other factors.

Waterproof up to 50M

The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. So you can wear it at the pool or keep it in the shower.

Screen Size: 36 mm

Touch Screen: Enabled

Case Size: 36 mm

Case Thickness: 10 mm

Wristband Material: Silicone - Steel 

Wristband Width: 20 mm

Wristband Length: 250 mm

Case Material: Alloy

Battery Capacity: 170 mAh

Battery Life: 2-7 days

Sleep Mode: 10-20 days

Compatible System: Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and higher

Movement: Electronic

Waterproofness: 5 ATM

Supported languages: French, English, Spanish

Multisport mode: Jogging, running, badminton, basketball, soccer